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Helping those who, paw, claw, and gnaw

Wear your love of animals on your sleeve

We use the highest quality fabrics that are buttery soft with great drape and stretch. Our dog and cat logos are applied with high definition embroidery on luxe textured fabrics and vegan leathers. All of our materials are hand-picked for design, comfort, texture, and appeal.

The first reaction we get from our customers is how impressed they are with our exceptional quality and detail.

Share the love & the look

Most of our accessories and clothing are designed for both men and women. We have many customers ordering another shirt or hat becasue their son, daughter, or spouse "borrowed" it from them and never returned it. So go ahead- buy two of everything you want. Rescued Hearts donates 10% of proceeds to animal rescue groups, so you are saving lives while shopping.

Fundraising Shopping Event Opportunities with 20% Donated

Rescued Hearts doubles their donation when parterning with a 501(c) animal rescue for a fundraising shopping event.

If you are with a 501(c) animal rescue, contact us about scheduling an on-line or in person shopping event with 20% of proceeds going to your rescue.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" ~ Anatole France

The two sisters who own Rescued Hearts are artists, designers, and animal lovers since birth. The daughter of one sister is the artist who creates our designs. Three generations of our family inspire, design, and work on everything Rescued Hearts creates.

Our rescue dogs are beloved family members. We also foster dogs until they are ready to be adopted. We believe every pet deserves a loving family. Our passion for animals drives the Rescued Hearts mission of supporting the lifesaving work of animal rescue.


Fostering Saves Lives

Rescues are overwhemed with the numbers of animals being abandoned. Many rescues are over capacity and desperately need your help.

When fostering, the rescues provide all the food and supplies- you provide the love and care. We at Rescued Hearts have fostered many puppies and dogs over the years. We can tell you firsthand that fostering is one of the most rewarding and loving things you can do.

In SC we foster for Berkeley Animal Center and Pet Helpers

In southern CA, we have worked with Labradors and Friends and Rancho Coastal HS

Please contact one of the above rescues or a local rescue today!

If you are a 501(c) rescue and would like us to add a link to your rescue, just let us know and thank you for all the lifesaving work you do!